Facilities management

Quite Simply facilities management is the management and maintenance of commercial buildings, encompassing everything required  to keep people alive and safe.

It can include everything from building maintenance to catering and vending services.

Facilities Management (FM) is split into two areas: Hard FM and Soft FM.

Hard FM refers to physical structures like plumbing and air conditioning, whereas Soft FM refers to elements managed by people, like cleaning and security.

Both elements combined are very important to ensure your building is running as smoothly as possible!

ecology & land management

From inception to completion, all projects now need to embrace ecology and environmental consideration, with all new developments requiring ecological surveys to be undertaken.  Great Britain is home to a wide variety of protected species, which if identified as inhabiting site of a potential project may require trapping or relocating onto adjacent land.


The UK is currently suffering from a growing problem on non-native invasive plants, such as Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and giant Hogweed.  These invasive plants are becoming a real issue for developers and households alike.  If these invasive species are found on your land, then treatment may become a legal requirement particularly to avoid the spread on to adjacent land.  TIMES Construction has the expertise and knowledge to carry out the necessary treatments of these invasive plants as well as the subsequent removal of the residual material.


We have been working on the development and management of customers land for many years, with a highly skilled team of competent workers, we offer a wide range of services to our clients.  Ranging from clearing a site so that further development may take place, to the complete refurbishment of a rundown building.  Our services include, but are not limited to:


-Tile repair

-Brick work

-Plumbing and heating

-Tiling and decorating

-Electrical wiring

-Damp proofing

-Plastering and wall repair

We will often work alongside sub-contractors for these projects in order to ensure both an outside opinion on the way the work should be done, as well as ensuring the best quality and efficiency completing the project.

We strive to ensure the best solution to meet our clients requirements, considering the most cost effective and within a given time scale, whilst ensuring it meets the customers expectations.


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